Bigtrak Jr TM

The Bigtrak Jr product line is developed and sold by Dubreq Ltd, under license from Zeon Ltd..

Over the next few years we plan to release several new Bigtrak products and accessories to appeal not only to the retro market and those who remember Bigtrak from the 1980's, but also expand on the basic idea of a programmable robot vehicle and create a line of toys that teach basic programming and convey the excitement of robotics and robotic space exploration to a whole new generation.

 Bigtrak Jr TM is Bigtrak's awesome new little brother. Featuring all the functions of the original Bigtrak, plus new functions, all packed into a miniaturised desktop sized package! Bigtrak Jr TM is your very own miniature space rover. Programme Bigtrak Jr TM to follow a series of commands, navigate around a treacherous course of moon craters (supplied), carry out your own programme of moon roving exploration!


Bigtrak Jr TM Accessories

Bigtrak Jr TM uses a unique new 'active' accessory port allowing it to utilise a number of exciting add-on accessories to carry out new and unique missions. Details coming soon!


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