Created in 1979, Bigtrak became an enormously popular and coveted toy, now this six wheeled tank is back to entertain and amuse a new generation. 

We wanted to take this incredibly popular toy and do something truly spectacular for the millions of children that came to love BIGTRAK in the 1980’s by enabling parents of today to buy one of the most memorable toys from their past and bring it back to life for their own children to enjoy and of course for those who simply wish to have the toy they were never lucky enough to own as a child!!!!!

Bigtrak has a 23 button keypad that can remember up to 16 commands which are programmed into the control panel on it's back; press go and it will perform them in sequence. It also has a front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp and the ability to store up to 16 preset programmes.

It has a retro appeal for those who remember it from the 80s, and teach basic programming and convey the excitement of robotic space exploration to a new generation. 

With a little planning and experimentation Bigtrak can be sent on complex fantasy lunar excursions! 


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