• The new Bigtrak XTR coming soon

    After the huge success of the 2010 Bigtrak, we thought what would Bigtrak be like if it was brand new today?

    So coming soon is the new Bigtrak XTR. Click below for more details.

  • Bigtrak Jr goes into space
  • The new bigtrak iphone app has been released
    Bigtrak iCalc is a calculator based on the Bigtrak control pad and makes the Bigtrak sounds when the keys are pressed. 
    There will be more apps featuring our favorite tank coming out the next year so keep your eye on the bigtrak news
  • stocks the bigtrak

    Big Trak is back, enabling parents of today to buy one of the most memorable toys from their past and bring it back to life for their own children to enjoy - and of course for those who simply wish to have the toy they were never lucky enough to own as a child. It was the subject of a massive craze in the 1980s and the toy you simply had to have! A simply brand new retro experience!  

  • Blast from the past

    Blast from the past as Menkind brings out the big guns with new product announcement

    It was the subject of a massive craze in the 1980s and the toy you simply had to have. Now, decades later, Big Trak is making a comeback with the UK’s favourite gifts and gadgets retailer, Menkind.


  • Toy new cover Bigtrak release

    Zeon, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Herald Group, is bringing back the programmable electronic vehicle from the 1980s...


  • my news desk covers 2010 Relaunches

    Zeon Limited, today announces the return of the original BIGTRAK replica at Spring Fair 2010 


  • Big Trak Returns From The 1970’s For 2010 Fun

    In 1979 there was only one thing on my mind for Christmas: A Big Trak.

    While I realize a goodly number of you weren’t even a twinkle in your parents eyes at that time, I was 8-years-old, and I was obsessed.  A Big Trak was going to be mine, oh yes it was.  I really didn’t care what else I got that year, so long as there was a Big Trak under the Christmas tree, I was going to be happy...


  • Zeon Limited Relaunches BIGTRAK for 2010

    The legendary programmable electronic vehicle that was introduced in the 1980s and quickly became a favourite of millions of boys and girls around the world...


  • Podcast

    Big Trak is making a comeback


  • review the bigtrak

    Big Trak returns from pre-programmed trip to the '80s

    Those of a certain age should prepare a demister for their eyes, for Big Trak hath returned...


  • The 70's cults back

    1970s cult toy Big Trak back on the market in 2010.

    It was cutting edge back in 1979 and now Big Trak is back for more fun and no doubt a lot of nostalgia in 2010...


  • BBTradesales and Zeon brings back bigtrak

    Replica of BigTrak comes to life with BBTradesales and Zeon 

    BBTradesales are pleased to announce the comeback of the BigTrak. This identical replica of the original is currently being exhibited at the Toy Fair, London Olympia, there is roaring success and interest in this much loved 1980’s boys toy.